China's lubricating oil industry focuses on 2013 (6th session)

Column:Industry news Time:2018-04-28
China's lubricating oil industry focuses on 2013(6th session)

Focus on market concentration and capacity surge under the trend of competitive strategy

April 18-20, 2013 sanya, hainan

The 2013(6th) China lubricants industry focus conference will be held in beautiful sanya from April 18 to 20. This conference will focus on the competitive strategy under the trend of highly concentrated market and rapid production capacity. It is expected that nearly 300 Chinese and foreign industry colleagues will attend.

The meeting background

China, the world's second largest market for lubricants, has seen its economic slowdown become an irreversible trend in 2012, which has largely suppressed the growth of lubricant demand. In contrast, the production cost, labor cost, communication cost and tax of enterprises are rising rapidly, and the operating difficulties of the oil industry generally appear. Some companies have stagnated or even regressed after a round of expansion.

Facing the competition environment under the highly concentrated market trend, where should enterprises go? This is not only a difficult choice for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also a question that large enterprises have to ponder under the increasingly fierce competition.

With the matching, some enterprises in the new larger of lube oil blending plant at the same time, also are actively expanding its existing lube oil blending plant, some scale enterprises begin to seek the layout of the industrial chain expansion, up to the base oil, additives and other industries, down to the marketing channel and associated with the lube oil after service market, increase investment in technology research and development at the same time, cross-border cooperation to establish joint laboratories, develop special lubricating oil products for industry customers. These enterprises have greatly improved the competitiveness of their products and also met the diversified demands of the lubricant market.

Looking ahead to 2013, in the integration of basic oil and lubricating oil industry competition will be further intensified, high-grade base oil of lubricating oil to grab the pace of the market will be more rapid, docking trade and technological exchanges at home and abroad will be more frequent, the triple power policy, market and technology will promote the lubricating oil quality upgrading and industry upgrading.

New Year, break through or stick to it? Can China return to the fast track of growth? What are the new opportunities under high competition? How to successfully enter the high-end market segment? Brand building do not do, how to do? How to deal with the general trend of quality upgrade?

With these questions in mind, on April 18, 2013, etv sincerely invited you to come together with sanya to participate in the focus of China's lubricating oil industry in the 6th session of 2013(6th session), and jointly seize new opportunities in China's lubricating oil market with nearly 300 colleagues from both home and abroad!